Return, Cancellation & Refund Policy

Return, Cancellation & Refund Policy

The information displayed in this article and all other informative articles on (hereafter called: Site) is part of the Policy and Terms of use of Lbabatk Trade Services Company and the Trademark MyLB speaks Palestinian (hereafter called:  company/Brand/We) and apply to each customer/user (hereafter called: You) who decided to use the services that the website offers.



100 days to return the product back to us


R.A- You don't feel satisfied with your purchase!

Given the fact that every product is described in detail with relevant photos, you may return it/them. You can easily access your Space/ account, go through our Return Process. Our customer care team will touch base and guide you on how to make the return and sort the issue out for you considering the following ;  

R.A-1) Provided the Return Product is saleable, which means the Return should be in the same original conditions that meet the standards as the newly manufactured and/or produced, unworn, unused, unwashed, in the original package with all the original tags, labels, invoice/receipt/ papers, etc… and went through the Return process after being coordinated upon, with the customer care services within 5 days from the time you received the shipment.  

R.A-2) Given the fact that the package must reach our warehouse in the same condition you received it, The Company reserves its right to determine whether the Return is saleable or not, thus qualified for a return and credit.

R.A-3) If  yes, You will receive a full refund including the shipping cost (if there were any)

R.A-4) MyLB/ Lbabak does not take a title to a returned product until it arrives in our warehouse, so it’s highly recommended to send it through registered mail.

R.A-5) Return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility.

Kindly notice that returns in (A) do not apply to the products listed under the Gift Shop on the site. You may touch base with our customer care team and they will be happy to assist you on this.

R.B-You can simply return the product/s you have purchased from this website, if the mentioned product upon arrival to your destination, is different from the one you ordered, you can easily access your space/ account, go through our Return Process. Our customer care team will touch base and guide you on how to make the return.

Kindly consider the notes mentioned in (R.A). except for (R.A-5), as MyLB will take care of this. Our customer care will touch base with you to sort it out

* Local Customers’ kind attention re-shipping Returns Back to us:

Returns must be shipped back through an official Courier; our customer care will help you out to reach a local courier if you have no clue how to reach any. Kindly notice that any Return you send to our office or warehouse through other ways rather than the official courier, for example, but not limited to personal presence, taxi, etc…, may assess you to extra fees that have to do with paying efforts to work on your Returns out of the system scope. Such fees should be determined on the time of working this out. 


2- Damaged/Broken Products while in transit

Ordering fragile products including but not limited to pottery, glass, wooden, etc… means it might (in very unusual and rare circumstances) get broken during shipping.

D.C-1) If the purchase you received was broken or damaged, please act quickly at the time you receive it.

D.C-1.1) When you get your purchase from the courier, you’ll need to sign a paper or on a device to state that you received it. It’s important if your order was fragile, to open it up and check it while the delivery man is still there, sign it stating that the product you received is broken or damaged.  

D.C-1.2) If it was delivered to you through the mail office, Please act, at the time you receive the package, and take clear photos by your camera or mobile, take clear close-ups of the broken part/s of the product while still in the package, other photos while out of the package, and upload them on through your space (account)/returns, Or send them out to or on the WhatsApp +970-599-903-203 with your name and order number

We will react to this event with no delay.

D.C-2) Given any of the above-mentioned reactions from you at the time of receiving your order, the company will refund you 100% including the shipping fees if any were paid by you. 

D.C-3) Our customer care will get in touch with you, and they will be more than happy to assist you.


3-Cancelling Order:

C.D-1) We are very flexible when it comes to canceling your order, please contact us within 36 hours-2 Business Days from the time of placing your order or call us on Whatsapp +970-599-903-203 to ask for the cancellation of your order. Just provide us with your name and the order number and the model # of the Product you need to cancel (if more than one product were in the same order).

C.D-2) If you cancel your order after it had been out of our warehouse, on its way with the courier to your destination, even if you didn't get it yet, it will be treated as Returns, with all notices and charges applicable in Returns-A).

C.D-3) Refuse to receive your shipment at Delivery:

You may also be charged cancellation fees of 10% along with the restocking fees of 12% on each product, Shipping charges of the shipment to your destination (even if your order used a free shipping method), shipping products back to the company’s warehouse charges, any taxes, customs, VAT applicable on the shipment while back to our warehouse.



D—1) As mentioned above, and based on the case itself, Refunding will be issued using the same original payment method; PayPal account, wire transfer, or cash for local customers, it may also be delivered to your email as a coupon with the same amount which can be used later for your purchases (our customer care team will agree with you on this ).

R.E-2) The Company considers refunding within a maximum frame time of 3 weeks from the day that the returns are back to the company’s warehouse.


Reviewed & Released on June 14, 2021