Shopping & Orders

Shopping & Orders

The information displayed in this article and all other informative articles on (hereafter called: Site) is part of the Policy and Terms of use of Lbabatk Trade Services Company and the Trademark MyLB speaks Palestinian (hereafter called:  company/Brand/We) and apply to each customer/user (hereafter called: You) who decided to use the services that the website offers.


Lbabatk Trade Services Co. is a registered company & the owner of the New Palestinian Trademark MyLB Speaks Palestinian.

MyLB is a Palestinian Trademark in fashion & Gifts, founded in 2019/2020, its variable production lines are inspired by and interpret the history of the place, heritage, Palestine value of beauty, and real Palestinian personality into modern, unique, and beautiful designs. For more information visit Why MyyLB?

Gift Shop: The place where Lbabatk Company offers its valuable customers the space to have handmade gifts from Palestine of high quality & at competitive prices. All products have been made either upon the request of Lbabatk (that's why you find unique products here)  or through contracts with the producers to offer their unique & high-quality products on MyLB Gift Shop. Every single product had been checked by the Lbabatk team to ensure the quality & the finish before listing it up here. 

You may reach us on/through: 

Mobile/WhatsApp: +970-599-903-203

Contact us (bottom of the page) or

Customer Services:



MyLB Products availability Key Definitions;

In Sock: the item/product is available and will be processed for shipping within 36hrs- 2 business days.

Made to Order: Means production starts only after a confirmed customer order is received. Producing a made-to-order item takes around two weeks. 

Out of Sock:   when it turned to be out of stock means the same item won't be reproduced. While You can definitely add any other item if its status is out of stock, to "interested in" (key available on product's page) all interested in items appear in your space/account on site.

Exclusive limited edition labeled items; some of our goods are manufactured in just a few pieces, such as the Zeitona Bag, which was produced in just two pieces and will never be produced again. The customer is given a certificate that states this. 


Website Membership

No fees are required. Becoming a member needs to register yourself by creating an account.


Shopping Through the Site

The shopping process with us is so easy to handle, kindly go for the steps as indicated below;

*Pick the product/s you like after you select the option of color, size, number, etc… if needed, then add it/them to the Bag (shopping cart).

*You have a choice to continue shopping and add more products, or checkout if you’re ready.

*Choose the shipping method

* Chose the payment method.

* Please notice the comments space that is available pre-confirming your order, where you can use it to leave us any comment you’d like us to consider, and/or for customizing any of the products as notified in the description of some on the site.

* Click agree to Terms of use, Returns, Cancellation & Refund Policy (means you read policies and terms of the use of services of the company and the website, acknowledged and accepted them).

* Place your order.

* If you chose to pay through PayPal, PayPal will open up a new window to access your account there and proceed.

*Once you place your order, the Site sends out an e-letter confirming your order, the purchase number, products, date of order, and other information.


Payment Methods

Customers living in Palestinian Territories:

Cash on Delivery/ Wire-Bank Transfer

Almost all Banks in Palestine now provide the service of Online Banking which is easy to get and access to transfer your payment from your cell phone or your computer.

Customers from Jerusalem, 48 territories, and in any other country in the World, You may pay for your purchases either through:

PayPal Account (please check the availability of this service in your country)

Wire-Bank Transfer 

Wish to pay through the wire transfer method! Kindly note the necessity of sending your transfer receipt either through or WhatsApp messages +970-599-903-203 after having your money transferred, as this will enable our team to ship your purchases without delay.

We’ll be happy to notify you of any other payment methods to be added in the very near future through a notice to your account/ email inbox.


Order Confirmation:

Upon placing your order, you'll receive an email (email address (that you have used while shopping through the site) to confirm your order and confirm handling your purchases for shipping within 36hrs-2 business days.

If there was a problem confirming your payment issue, we will notify you through your email, and our customer care team will touch base with you to sort it out. If the problem still exists, then your order unfortunately will be considered invalid.

If you chose to pay through wire/Bank transfer, the letter (mentioned earlier at this point) you will get in your inbox is considered by our policy, a confirmation of your order only, until we receive a photo of the official bank receipt that indicates the fulfillment of the payment OR get notified by our Bank of your transaction (which usually takes a quite long time sometimes), then handling your purchases will take no longer than 36hrs-2 business days for shipping. More information on Bank Wire Transfer.


What you pay at checkout

The total Product price + shipping fees are what show at the time of placing your order and checking out. If you live out of Palestine, you may be subjected to other customs and VAT fees that are required by your country's laws. MyLB has no idea how much fees you’ll be asked to pay.


Supply of the Products:

The company prepares the product/s for shipping to your destination within 36hrs.-2 business days depends on the availability of the product in the warehouse, otherwise, we undertake the time needed for the product to be manufactured (as stated in the description page of the product) in order to ship it out for you.  You may check Shipping & Customs re-time your purchases may take to get to your destination.


The authenticity of the products

Once you shop MyLB Trademark products, be sure that all our products are authentic, designed & produced by MyLB, everything was under MyLB team control with the help of highly skilled Palestinian craftsmen/women who took part in the production. MyLB uses very high-quality raw materials which are either naturally exist and/or manufactured in Palestine, or materials that are unavailable in Palestine being exported from international companies well known for their high-quality stuff. Each MyLB product you receive has a signed certificate of authenticity.

Looking forward to shopping for products that are being produced by different craftsmen/women in the Gift Shop! We assure you that every product on this platform is of high or very good quality, and had been approved for this by our team who checks every single item before bringing it up on the site.

The name & the real bright image MyLB brings to you is based on the company’s values and beliefs that Palestine has defiantly a remarkable place there in the World, hence, our distinguished customer services and quality assurance in Palestine & Around the Globe is nonnegotiable.


Shopping through Mobile

Yes, You can, of course, it's mobile responsive. We will notify you of our mobile Apps once ready to be launched for you to use.


New Arrivals & Events' updates

You will be updated of any new arrivals, events &programs through our newsletter in our inbox ( the email address you registered with), unless you stated otherwise. Privacy Policy for more info.   

In order to keep receiving such news, We suggest that you kindly add our email address to your contact list, so that it gets to your inbox rather than junk mail.


Tracking your order

You may kindly contact The Customer Care Team, provide them with the order name and date, and they will be more than happy to assist you with this.


Canceling a Membership:

We pay huge efforts to make our customers feel happy and satisfied, but at some point and for certain reasons, we feel obliged, unfortunately, to cancel a membership of a person/company and block a user for any unauthorized actions that may purposely damage or may cause damage to the site/ Brand/Company.. Terms of Use for more details.


Reviewed & Released on May 15, 2021