Wire Bank Transfer

Wire Bank Transfer

The information displayed in this article and all other informative articles on mylbbrand.com (hereafter called: Site) is part of the Policy and Terms of use of Lbabatk Trade Services Company and the Trademark MyLB speaks Palestinian (hereafter called:  company/Brand/We) and apply to each customer/user (hereafter called: You) who decided to use the services that the website offers.

A-Transferring Your Payment

A-1) Paying through Bank Transfer is 100% safe as long as you provide your banker with the correct details of any of our Bank accounts. It’s preferable that you copy and paste the information of the account you need to transfer the money to. 

A-2) Please note that Banks generally charge additional fees for the International transfer and for local transfers if the money is transferred to another bank than yours. Kindly make sure that you cover the costs of these charges. It's important that we receive the correct amount of your purchases. Thank you for understanding.

B- How to pay through Wire Transfer:

B-1) When you place your order, the website system sends you an email with all information about your order. Please Keep the Order Number and Order Date.

B-2) Copy the company bank Information necessary for the transfer process:

Name of the Bank

Account number, currency


Swift Code

Beneficiary name

Order Total Value

B-3) You can either pass them out to the banker to make the transfer, or you can just make it from your Mobile, if this service is allowed in your country for International transfer.

B-4) Once your transfer is done, you may either clearly photo shoot the receipt or scan it and email it to us at support@mylbbrand.com, or message it to +970-599-903-203  WhatsApp. Please don’t forget to provide us with the number & date of order.

B-5) The customer services will email you with the information of shipping date & estimated delivery time to your destination. If you never receive this email within 24 hrs from time of sending your receipt, please contact us.

B-6) The letter (mentioned in B-1) is considered by our policy, a confirmation of your order only, until we receive a photo of the official bank receipt that indicates the fulfillment of the payment OR get notified by our Bank of your successful transaction (which usually lakes quite a long time sometimes), then handling your purchases will take no longer than 36hrs-2 business days for shipping. According to our policies, the company here is not obligated to ship your purchases with no bank receipt, or transaction confirmation from our bank. 

C- Please note that currencies we do accept are US $, Euro €, Sterling Pound GBP, JOD and ILS. 


Reviewed & Released on Dec. 29, 2019