Why MyLB?

Why MyLB?

In This Glorious Ancient Civilized Place 63 km North Of Jerusalem



Photos of the Old City in Nablus..More insights into its history are coming.

The Shechem Kingdom during the Canaanite era, Julia Neopolis Colony during Romanian Emperor and Nablus since Islamic Omar Bin El Khattab Caliphate..I took my first breath and my actual life journey started with the first crucial challenge that changed my whole life & forced me to know the real me & what I can do! It actually equipped me harshly to persevere while facing other blessed detours and challenges that followed later with more lessons & values. Now, after all, I believe, I'm well prepared on both personal & professional levels to lead a new challenge; MyLB Speaks Palestinian  (Fashion & Gifts Brand).

is not just a random combination of letters! Let’s try to say it again! The tone of the voice while saying it, as if saying “MyALBI” ..In fact, the word 'ALBI' is an Arabic word that means ‘My Heart'; Yes it is my heart… Hope it becomes yours too someday!

My heart is harmoniously driven by my thoughts. It believes that Palestine's Value of beauty is never less than any other Country & it deserves to take the rightful place in the Globe.

is my Spiritual Energy & Self Challenge to dive into the world of competition with international top-notch products being produced in Well-developed, free and independent countries.

is the every day in the lives of craftsmen & women, challenges and obstacles encircling us because of the unfair reality we live.

represents the brightness of Palestinians; strong, empowered, motivated and broad-minded people

refuse the stereotype of being mere victims as Palestinians, and strive, instead, to reach the top, despite the complications everywhere around.

It is a reflection of my vision of life; different stops and experiences that have turned my life 360 degrees from a very young age, with no one to support, not even advice. I went through a challengeable unbeaten route, as if like was the only choice possible! It was like a conflict from deep within, trying to figure out what does it mean to be a man of power in a society!! How important it is! and how it's achieved!

Is it having lots of money? Being a big time! Having a senior position? Beautiful/ Charismatic look? What exactly!?

I realized that any or all the above-mentioned common tools or factors of power don't actually belong to us, which means We do not own them! they belong to the Universe, who thrusts it upon those who truly believe and work hard whether positively or negatively, to get it. However, such power, still, not enough at all to present the true-real value of a person in a society.

The real value is what you decide to create within, the thing that you lead & control all by yourself. Your constant value comes from knowing the real you, your courage, and the way you define yourself and fight for what you want in life. It’s when you reach a level at which you become intimate with yourself, you can unify your internal value with the power you grab from the Universe.. You are then a Man of Power, the power that allows you to positively impact your life and the others’.  

Each and every piece of MyLB carries my spirit, the ambitions of every person who took part in producing it, the essence of our history, roots, and identity. It presents a modern form of our traditional heritage. Purchasing our pieces will endow you with great satisfaction, not for being a supporter and/or believer of the Palestinian cause, but because they pass on exceptional energy and provide a special value of beauty and modernity to your everyday life.

Rula B. Jadallah

MyLB.. Speaks Palestinian

Palestine, Ramallah. Wuroud St. Baloo’ NBHD 90631. Istanbul BLDG.

Tel: +970-2-2422-337, Cellular; +970-599-903-203, Email; rula@mylbbrand.com


A very special thank you to

My lovely best family ever and outstanding friends; Osama Silwadi (Palestine History Reference, Visual Storyteller and Photojournalist) , Mustafa Abu Hanoud (Highly Intellectual Theatre Producer & Actor, creator and Director of MyLB promo film), Baher Dkeidek (My expert mentor @ B-Hub Birzeit University. Industrial Engineering & Management) , Talented Young Photographer Mahmoud Moutan, Wael Kishek (Director of Academic Development Unit & my ex-mentor in strategic communication training, Birzeit University), My lovely sister Hana Jadallah, Graphic Design of Photos. Gorgeous Lady Khuloud Neiroukh, who supervised the first MyLB Sea Level Bags' production.

Im so blessed & fortunate to have you all in my life, I couldn't have managed to turn MyLB into a reality on the ground without your support, help & encouragement. You've been always ready to extend help whenever I needed it .. I'll be forever most appreciative for you. Love you all,

I am grateful for your kindness Olga Batran and the B-Hub Program/ Birzeit University for all the services that helped MyLB to be pointed in the right direction to see the light! Thank you,