MyLB Social Commitment

MyLB Social Commitment

Every purchase you make provides 25% of the revenues that go towards establishing modest productive projects for college students.



Working for my family business while attending college was the greatest life-changing experience I've ever had; the lessons I learned in my family store, as well as the abilities I discovered within myself, were crucial in determining my career path, self-growth, and creating my new challenge in life "MyLB."

Universities do a great job in providing us with superior knowledge, training, and certificate at the end, but everything we learn is focused in one direction, which is related to the subject in which we specialize! While on the other hand, College students perceive that certificate as the only key to brighten up the future; getting a job and becoming financially stable! However, youth experience & mine had shown that this is a mistaken assumption that had a negative effect on future aspirations.

Students enter universities knowing very little about themselves, and I believe that the rapidly increasing unemployment rate should serve as a wake-up call for universities and students to share responsibility for self-development and entrepreneurialism culture so that students can graduate with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to seek employment or start their own small business.

In Palestine, the majority of college students work in addition to their studies to earn their money, which is a fantastic initiative that enriches their personalities and allows them to learn more about themselves! Only students who are aware of who they are now and who they want to be tomorrow will be able to do so. I believe that students who solely think about how much money they will make at work will end up with nothing but money. Others, on the other hand, who intend to use the job to get more than just money, will leave with skills that will help them lead a successful life in the future!

Going for the future while focusing on your financial needs will give the same result no matter how hard you try.


Aspiring to the future while your mind, eyes, and heart are focused on your goal, your mind will be motivated to explore ideas that will help you achieve your goal and earn more money.


So, what is it about!!
We are launching the first initiative of our social commitment called "OWN YOURSELF" in which we do not fund cases that need financial assistance! Rather, we spark their ambitions! 

At first, we're looking for students who are financially disadvantaged but have big dreams. They invest in themselves and are enthusiastic about learning new things. They know what they're good at but have no idea how to use it to provide value to others and make money, or they know how to do it but lack the necessary funds to get started.
We are addressing students who are willing to invest their free time in improving their lives by providing services to others and earning money. 
We help them dig deep within themselves to discover who they really are, embrace and respect themselves, take charge of their lives, and take full responsibility for their actions, words, and feelings in those projects.
to believe they are worthy. 

We assist them in making an impression on other students who see a college certificate as the only way to a bright future!

We fund small projects with 500$ - 1500$ for each, based on the student's skill,  craft, or capability (applicant) and 3000$ for new ideas.
We focus on helping students go through new experiences by having them lead their own small projects, Introducing them to the real abilities deep within to make a better life, to real-world professional situations in which they are fully responsible for themselves, generate services, and make money. 
Running their own modest projects allows them to discover new skills, interests, and capacities, as well as encourages them to seek out knowledge from a variety of sources in order to better serve their customers.

It starts with project nomination, then a discussion of the project's idea and anticipated outcome with Birzeit University Continuing education- B-Hub (our partners), and then specific training, workshops, and the weekly mentor-to-student meeting on steps to move the project from an idea to a money-generating project.

They will recognize that, in addition to a university degree, self-development and self-learning are fundamental to opening the golden gates of their life.

*In the meantime, we are addressing college students living in Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Nablus.
*Students can apply online for funding for their ideas and projects.
*Ideas and projects are studied and discussed with our partners 
*Students who submitted Nominated projects meet with the mentor (partners) to discuss the project's idea in greater depth.
*MyLB provides all necessary materials based on the budget that has been submitted and agreed upon.
*All materials required will be considered Palestinian-made, unless unavailable, in which case we will use imported materials.
*It’s open for individuals applicants and groups.