MyLB Social Commitment

MyLB Social Commitment


Any time you make a purchase, a quarter of the profit goes to provide better life chances for financially disadvantaged Bachelor's Degree Students


Many college students in Palestine are unable to comply with studies requirements (Average 20-60% of Universities Students’ bodies); however, Universities never stop raising funds to assist them in obtaining the right to higher education; after all, as the number of needy students rises each year, it becomes increasingly difficult for Universities to secure enough funds to cover every semester's fees for each financially disadvantages student from the time of enrollment until graduation. 


Aiding students financially to obtain a college education is a wonderful thing to do! But have you ever thought about what would happen if a student's tuition for the following semester was not covered? 
Simply put, as I witnessed while working at Al-Quds University, we were never able to secure funds for all disadvantaged students. Girls work in local stores for a few hundreds of shekels (around 100-150$) per month, and guys do the same, sometimes they work in settlements, some drop out of school for good, and others look for funds to pay off tuition fees debts so they can get their certificates, which takes a couple of years or more!

A sense of need brings out the weakest side of a person. It's terrifying to be weak while living, particularly, in Palestine which's known as the most challenging place on the planet.


Having no money does not imply that one is a needy or poor person; rather, it indicates that this person is unaware of his true power.


So, what is it about!!
We are launching the first initiative of our social commitment called "OWN YOURSELF" in which we do not fund cases that need financial assistance! Rather, we spark their ambitions! 

At first, we're looking for students who can't afford to pay their tuition but have big dreams. They invest in themselves and are enthusiastic about learning new things. They know what they're good at but have no idea how to use it to provide value to others and make money, or they know how to do it but lack the necessary funds to get started.
We are addressing students who are willing to invest their free time in improving their lives by providing services to others and earning money. 
We help them dig deep within themselves to discover who they really are, embrace and respect themselves, take charge of their lives, and take full responsibility for their actions, words, and feelings in those projects.
to believe they are worthy. 

We assist them in making an impression on other students who see a college certificate as the only way to a bright future!

We fund small projects with 500$ - 1500$ for each, based on the student's skill,  craft, or capability (applicant). 
We focus on helping students go through new experiences by having them lead their own small projects, Introducing them to real-world professional situations in which they are fully responsible for themselves, generate money to fulfill their tuition fees, study requirements, and may help their families live a better life as well. 
Running their own small projects allows them to discover new skills, interests, and capabilities, and it motivates them to seek information from a variety of sources in order to learn more about how to better serve their audience. 
It starts with project nomination, then a discussion of the project's idea and anticipated outcome with the mentor (our partners), and then specific trainings, workshops, and the weekly mentor-to-student meeting on steps to move the project from an idea to a money-generating project.
They will realize that self-development and self-learning are far more important for them to be able to open the golden gates of their lives.

*In the meantime, we are addressing college students living in Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Nablus.
*Students can apply online for funding for their ideas and projects.
*Ideas and projects are studied and discussed with our partners 
*Students who submitted Nominated projects meet with the mentor (partners) to discuss the project's idea in greater depth.
*MyLB provides all necessary materials based on the budget that has been submitted and agreed upon.
*All materials required will be considered Palestinian-made, unless unavailable, in which case we will use imported materials.
*It’s open for individuals applicants and groups.