From this place, from Sea Level, the details of the beginnings had outshined. The power of the placethe positive energy we possess, our beautiful souls, and our strong will. The Story of Palestine. In this place, everything was settled down and passed on to other regions, where all people everywhere developed into “The Modern World”.

Palestine the Mother, the Life, and the beauty.

Rula Jadallah


   DAHAB (Gold)

     The start of our Journey through its details and the historical whims it carries.

From the moment where the Canaanite used to pray to God Eil from under the Holy Olive Tree, when he used the olive oil as a holy Substance in the temple, a lighting oil in temple, houses, cities, in meditation, to become later the main substance in food until nowadays… Since thousands of years B.C. at the beginning of the ancient time here, olive oil was treasured and referred to as 'liquid gold. The olive tree, which was first planted in Palestine that was called at that time Grand Syria; Palestine, Lebanon & Syria) then spread throughout the Mediterranean, has been a valuable tree in many civilizations that blossomed in this region and was an important part of their identities.

It has always represented strength, steadfast and mightiness, as it can endure rough environments and keep its green leaves throughout the seasons. Whether in Athens, Rome, Egypt or Palestine, the olive tree has been significant. In fact, it was the Greeks who first called oil 'liquid gold'. Those ancient civilizations were fascinated by the olive oil to the point that they gave it to their kings as presents and to their Gods as sacrifices. Some olive oil bottles were even found between the ancient graves in Egypt, and ancient Egyptians believed it was the Goddess Isis that taught them to plant the olive trees.

To this day, those trees are still considered very important. In Palestine precisely, there's an incredible bond between people and olive trees as if the latest is being part of the family. As the Palestinians traditionally worked in farming, the olive tree was essential; every part of it could be used for several ends. And with time it turned into a symbol of peace, freedom, and the Palestinian cause. It is also considered a blessed tree in the Palestinian culture and in modern religions(Christianity and Islam).




The oldest olive tree on this land and one of the oldest trees in the world had been discovered lately by the Japanese Scientific Mission who stated that this tree is 5555 years old, it had been planted during the Canaanite era. The Tree which is called “Elbadawi Olive Tree” lies on the hill of a village in Palestine called “ El Walajeh” to southwest Jerusalem, near Ein Karem, Malha.


Written By Shatha Rifai


Osama Silwadi, Photojournalist, Storyteller

Zahira Zqtan, Historian. Author, Forefathers gold Book, 2018  





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