Just like farming was the Canaanite lifestyle. So was embroidery.  from the first Canaanite’s life star “Venus” with it’s eight points that is linked to the birth of history, religion and arts, the legend text, and poetry to the star vein on the Palestinian farmer’s dresses till now.

Most Palestinian women learn how to embroider, either to make their own pieces – like “Thob” traditional dresses, table cloths, cushions, and more and/ or to sell it and make a living. The thread used for the embroidery is made of pure Silk, because it is soft yet strong at the same time, and its structure allows it to absorb dyes to a high degree, which adds richness to the embroidery. The tradition of embroidery has been around for decades, keeping up with the lifestyle of every era, as well as preserving the Palestinian identity. The pieces of this line allow you to wear beautiful designs infused with the originality of this tradition.

As Gold and Silk since ancient time in Palestine went hand in hand, We have chosen them to be the Gate we’re going through to tell our story as yet unrealized..


Written By Shatha Rifai


Osama Silwadi, Photo journalist, Storyteller

Zahira Zqtan, Historian. Author, Forfathers gold Book, 2018   


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