If we trace back in time to 10 000 BC, we would reach a crucial period for the human kind called the Neolithic period. This turning point in our history is when human culture began as a result of farming. Before this time, humans were hunter gatherers: nomads moving from place to place hunting and gathering food in order to survive. However, when those hunter-gatherers discovered farming, the equation changed for our species forever!

It was here in Palestine, more precisely in Jericho where the first permanent settlement of humans took place. Jericho's Tel AL Sultan attracted hunter-gatherers of the Natufian culture because of the Ein Al-Sultan spring, among other springs in and near Jericho that could supply enough water to sustain a large population.

With this, life began to develop and these Natufians discovered farming. The population started growing in Jericho, and a big wall was built around the city for protection and to serve as a shield from floods. This stone Wall was the first of its kind to be built by humans, as excavations of the city revealed that the Wall stood at 3.6 meters long, with a tower inside it of almost 9 meters: A sky-scraper at the time. Archeologists found that ,by 8000 BC, the settlement had largely grown and that inhabitants domesticated wheat and legumes.


Written By Shatha Rifai


Osama Silwadi, Photo journalist, Storyteller

Zahira Zqtan, Historian. Author, Ancesor's Gold , 2018  

Digging Up Jericho, By Kathleen M. Kenyon, 1957


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