Open Call for Fashion Designers 

MyLB International Residency 2020 



“Sun shines over the World again, from Palestine”

"Non-Profit Residency Program-Participation is funded"

April- June, 2020 In Palestine 

(Appplications Deadline: Monday, February 10, 2020)


We, around 4 million people in Palestine live in a big box, where a complicated and unfair life exists, nonstop flow of difficulties and overwhelming variable challenges from one place to another, and we’re fortunate enough to consider them sources of spectacular energy that define our uniqueness, strengthen our willpower to live beyond the intention to exist, it pushes us forward with our full capacity.

Crafting a life, turning your dream into a reality and making your tomorrow within the lifeless environment here in Palestine, is literally another thing! 

In Palestine, everyone whether rich or poor he is, intellectual or superficial, knows what he wants in life or has no clue!!!  He has just one thing that keeps knocking in around his head!  TO BE!  No other option!

MyLB Speaks Palestinian is a brand-new trade mark in fashion & accessories launched its first collection “Sea Level 19” just a few months ago. It simulates our history, roots, heritage, our values of Humanity, Palestine's value of beauty, to reveal the Real We; strong, empowered, determined, accomplished Human beings looking towards a peaceful prosperous life.  Read more 

MyLB Speaks Palestinian is Owned & operated By Lbabatk Trade Services Co. Ltd 


Residency & Runway 2020 Aim;

WE believe in opening up our Palestine to the world, where cultural dialogue in between our identity components and the Internationals’ based on the aesthetic and humanitarian aspect would have a say to support peace, love and humanity in the Globe, instead of wars, hatred, racism and discrimination. 


So, if you believe you’re a fashion designer who

Is broad-minded, appreciates and understands cultural differences and accept them with ease.

Is talented and had been a designer for at least 4 years now

Experienced in ready-to-wear fashion

Is able to make unique designs, astounding, but wearable and adds elegancy to every day

Ready to observe a new culture and dig deep into it

Ready to contribute to emphasize cultural dialogue based on humanitarian aspect

LOVE to lead a unique experience.

Keen to get motivated and inspired by people, lifestyle, variable challenges, places, History, heritage and the beauty of nature!

Can live a 2-month time, away from life you’re used to in your country or region!

Has 3-6 work achievements

Skillful to build a collection

Has an exhibition record; 1-2 collections already made and published

Can make Patterns using technology

Can work within a group of designers where each member might be of a different culture & lifestyle!

Can work under pressure

Academic background in fashion design is NOT a MUST, and the same goes for Age; as when potential speaks for itself, Age limit is voiceless.   

Then, Get your mind, spirit and energy ready for an insightful, inspiring and unforgettable experience where you can broaden your creative imagination to make up new ideas and new designs to be shown on runway at the end of residency.


Who Can Apply?

Women based Fashion designers, in addition to men.

Unisex fashion designers are also welcomed.

Fashion accessory designers exclude jewelry.


How To Apply

Applicants must submit their applications by email to, stating (MyLB 2020 - your name) as a subject line.

Applicants must attach the following documents:

1) The application form (Downloadable PDF) ; kindly download the application, fill it up, sign, save on your computer and send it as an attached file with the other requested materials below to email           

The application contains personal information, your background and a statement on goals in life behind your work “portfolio”, brief statements on why you'd like to take part and what you think your participation in this residency would add to your life on personal and professional levels!

2) A selected 3-6 work achievements photos with captions.  

3) Simple free presentation

4) Your CV

5) Business card PDF

6) Scanned copy of Passport 

7) Your Photo 

8) Proof of Payment (50$ or equivalent)


Jury will evaluate applications and works being submitted.

10 designers will be chosen to take part in MyLB residency2020

MyLB Speaks Palestinian is committed to accept applicants based on potential Bias.

Appplications Deadline: Monday, February 10, 2020 


Designers will spend the first 2-weeks living with moderate Palestinian rural families being carefully chosen suburbs Ramallah city (living preference to be highly respected and considered for designers and hosts). Each designer will have his/her private room equipped with bed, wardrobe, desk and lighting. Laundry is a self-service using facilities provided by host. Designers will spend the 2-week time touring places and nature, mingling with Palestinians all around, learning about Palestine, sharing experience, hiking trails will take place twice. 

Each designer is expected to fulfill daily design-related task at the end of each day, to be shown and discussed before dinner time. 

All are expected to respect Palestinian traditions and customs.  

In the second phase, designers will move to another Palestinian city and live for 45 days in a building/ villas, where each designer will share a room with his/her colleague. Each room is equipped with 2 single beds, wardrobe, and dresser. Shared living room and group working place with the mentor. Spaces allow designers to work in solitude. Tools and materials needed for design making are provided. Swimming pool and other facilities are available. 
Two site visits and 1-hiking trail during the second phase. 

Expectations; Each designer will produce at least one fashion collection/ fashion accessory 

Food is provided on daily basis, except for breakfast, as designers are expected to prepare their own meal (all necessary stuff for breakfast is available). 

Designers may ask for private rooms during seclusion phase for 1200$ each.  


Fees & support; 

*Application fees of 50$ or equivalent, designer pay either through PayPal account link below or wire transfer.  
*We provide round air ticket, transportations from  East Jerusalem Bus Station /Allenby Bridge to Ramallah and back.  Designers showing at airport can take the shuttle to East Jerusalem (Damascus Gate) bus station.  For Local designers, we provide transportations from Ramallah central bus station back and forth.  
Upon arrival, every designer will receive pocket money, internet card and researcher bag. 
*3 meals/ day is provided 
*Work tools are provided 


How to pay application fees?

PayPal account link below

Wire Transfer (request banks information) 


Should there be any requests, concerns, more information needed, Please send it to   

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