I started building my career at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, “Al-Quds,” with no clear ambitions of what I wanted or could do! I went there fascinated by the prospect of discovering new abilities I'm aware of but have no idea what they are!

Despite my background in medical technology, I was astounded at how quickly I progressed in a new career, managing media, international visitors, logistics, event organizing, and more. I was always working hard to improve my skills, and I never competed with anyone but myself. I had my own philosophy and never stopped searching out new experiences, which allowed me to advance in new areas of my professional development and career growth, learn more new skills, and be appointed as Manager of University Public Relations and Culture within four years of starting there. Working and self-learning for 17 hours a day was never the driving force behind my rapid career advancement; rather, it was the skills and abilities I nourished and the values I added to my achievements.

During that time, some of the men in high-ranking positions were not welcoming of me; they didn't appear to be used to seeing a woman who believes in her inner powers, moving forward with confidence.  I was never intimidated; I was so firm in my winning spirit that I kept moving forward despite all of the annoyances and conspiracies I encountered! They eventually got used to it! However, I should say that I had a ton of support from other males!

Women in this world have been raised and socialized to recognize their weaknesses, while men have been raised to recognize their dominance. We're all, men & women, in the same boat.

Until one day, when an incident depressed me to hell, and my ears unexpectedly opened up to the contrary direction of my philosophy, and I was actually caught by these words, “Don't give more than you're being asked for!” and then everything had turned on its head! I lost sight of my internal powers, abilities, and independence, which had always been bestowed upon me and were the driving force behind my career advancement, and I became fearful of losing my position!

Unconsciously, I transformed myself into an unusual me, and have coped with anxiety for about 18 months in raw with the bare minimum of efforts and services to provide! I was only doing what I’ve been asked for! Until one day when I looked into the mirror and I realized I had turned into someone else, I couldn't stand ! 

As a result of this wake-up call, MyLB was born.

MyLB was my own approach to recovering the inner strengths that support being a successful, influential person. It's a new challenge I've set to make things right and fix the mess I caused when I ignored all of my wonderful abilities, as well as to serve as an inspirational brand for you to learn how to express yourself to the fullest wherever you are in the world.

MyLB will show you the other side of life, the life that we, Palestinians, live, which is way from the word "LIFE," and will introduce you to our life experience, and how we’re managing to construct a life and achieve our goals, despite hardship and complications all around.

Through MyLB products, which are handcrafted by Palestinian women, our life experiences will inspire you to

*Shift your self-perception to reflect the true you!

*Learn about the powerful tools you already have within you to live a happy and successful life regardless of your circumstances!

*Understand that whatever you want to accomplish in this life, you must expect it from yourself.

*Discover that men are not the roadblocks in our lives, and the term "Patriarchal Society" exists only in our thoughts as we’ve been socialized unconsciously to believe in it! Even when men act inappropriately as power holders, you can view such an attitude as pushing and supporting tool. This blockage exists only in our heads. 

Why the Palestinian Experience is so rich that you can learn about LIFE from it!

We, around 5 million people in Palestine (the Land of Challenges), live in a big box, where life is complicated and unfair, with a never-ending flow of difficulties and overwhelming variable challenges from one place to another, and I believe we're fortunate enough to see these unusual difficulties as sources of strength for our willpower to live beyond the intention to exist, as “TO BE’ is our only option in life.

Consider Palestine to be the only place where you can begin to build your future, and think about what abilities and skills you must develop to be able to grow in such a limited conflicted environment with the minimal facilities you can get from the outside and find a way to create and facilitate things from your inside world! Then think of the new version of you returning back home to your country armed with all your inner powers to move on to your goals! How do you feel?

I always remark that it is easier for everyone in the world to build their own future than it is in Palestine. It's a whole another story when you do it here! To be able to create a future for yourself here, you must learn to find a balance between the nonstop obstacles and enthusiasm, and in order to do so, you must look within yourself for a free place from which to view your life!  

MyLB is addressing the woman first, in order to help her in repairing her mirror, so that she can see herself as who she truly is.

So, whether you are a high-ranking person, a middle-ranking one, a teacher, a designer, accountant, or even a housewife, your current life is simply a reflection of how you see yourself! The first thing that matters most is your perception. What you get in life is a true reflection of your own self-perception!

This time, it's all about you!

Whatever dreams you have, whether you're looking for a higher position, searching for a job, wishing to marry a handsome man, become a more valuable person, be happy, etc...

whatever you're looking for is all about you and only you! You must prioritize working on yourself whereas moving forward with your goals!

Keep in mind that YOU WERE BORN TO STAND OUT.


So, let us begin living our real power,

Rula Jadallah,

Founder, CEO

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