Jerusalem Old City Wall & Dome Of The Rock Behind

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Short Description

View Of The Dome Of The Rock From Behind The Wall of Old City of Jerusalem With Trees Around Handmade Wall/Tabletop Decorative Plaque Souvenir Home Décor

Statement written in Arabic says “Steadfastness Next To This Wall, Forever”

Handmade of Olive wood

Full Description

Handmade of olive wood

2- layers, the Base is Olive Wood, while the second layer on the top is a high quality wood that being shaped by the laser cut technique. 

Palestinian dry olive parts and a bunch of soil is attached to the piece

A beautiful home/office décor Wall plaque piece

Size : 24* 19 cm / 9.5*7.7 Inch

Dimensional Wight: 450 g / 0.99 lb

 A special stand is attached in the package


Handmade in Palestine Holy Land

All Olive Trees following the harvest season should go into the pruning process so as to keep them healthy, productive & Sustainable for the next season. The pruning of the trees provides us with the variable sized wooden branches & pieces that we turn them into Products that still hold their high impact of positive energy.  So no single olive tree whatsoever may get harmed or destroyed.


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