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Short Description

Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is a masterpiece created from Palestinian soil and olive wood Grade A+.

A handmade piece.

3 women and 2 men work together to get this piece ready for you.


Full Description

I thought the combination of soil and olive wood would be the best way to interpret the strength that we Palestinians embrace, as well as to bring MyLB back to the forefront after the entire world went silent due to the pandemic because both soil & olive wood simulate life, our wonderful ability to transcend our obstacles, our capacity to perceive and live beauty, our belief in a better life and our determination to find it.

The piece I have in my hands is a stunning work of art.

The Church of Holy Sepulcher scene is made of soil turned into clay and carved by hand using traditional hand tools, then hardened at a very high temperature 1790c in a special oven.  

Natural in-house-made colors are used to hand paint the clay piece, so colors and color intensity vary from one piece to another.

The olive wood being used is a Grade A+ one that is being carefully cut and designed to make up the piece.

Some dried olive leaves and a bunch of soil are attached to the peace on both sides.

Decorative wooden olive branch, black shape pieces on both sides of the piece and the place of thank you note or a motivating phrase or whatever you think to serve the purpose behind having this is made of wood using laser technique.

The whole piece is polished with glaze to give it shinier look.


Al-Quds the masterpiece represents the fighting spirit of every Palestinian, Jerusalemites, in particular, seeking a fair, secured, and peaceful life in and his ability to build a life, a life worth living.

As a social enterprise, MyLB dedicates 25% of its profits to assist students in fulfilling their dreams and achieving their goals.

MyLB believes in the tremendous potential of our college students, particularly those who live their lives with a purpose, despite all the circumstances, and they deserve our full attention.

MyLB is dedicated to assisting students in gaining new experiences by allowing them to lead their own small projects, exposing them to real-world professional situations in which they are fully responsible for themselves, and teaching them how to use their inner strengths to generate money and can provide success in whatever they pursue in life. 


Why would I spend money on Al-Quds masterpiece?

1) If you are the type of person that has a fighting spirit and adheres to your goals, this artwork reflects you.
To make it more personal, write your goals or the most motivating idiom that keeps your vibrations up on it. 

You may also offer it to someone or a group of people who helped you achieve your/ your organization's/goals.

How nice would it be to give someone something that represents both you and the person receiving it?

2) It's possible that one of your family members or a close friend's family member has no idea what kind of future he or she wants to have!

Such a piece will have a profound effect on him or her, prompting him or her to begin thinking about the treasure that God has bestowed upon him or her, as well as how to apply it.

3) The art masterpiece exudes the vitality of passion, peace, optimism, and the determination to live a better life.

4) Raw materials & production 100% Palestinian

5) You will help to change the perception of a college diploma as the key to Heaven on Earth for college students.

"Heaven means being employed in search of financial stability"!

The true keys to heaven are hidden within them, in their hearts, thoughts, and Beliefs. Keys will unfold once they focus on their talents, ambitions, what everyone is good at, strengths. Knowing that everyone is able to improve his situation now in order to have a better tomorrow.

Having college peers who can use their passion, faith, and ideas to build small projects and other opportunities in order to keep going forward in life raises many questions in their minds, such as Who am I? What I'm up to!!

When such questions arise in one's mind, it is only then that people begin to learn how to discover their life's passion and meaning.

6) It's wonderful to be able to assist someone in furthering their education, but imagine if you could, along with other customers, provide those financially disadvantaged college students with the opportunity to pursue their lives consciously and independently, rather than just education!

What if this opportunity might also benefit someone else, another college student whose personality isn't suited to taking on all of the obligations that come with getting a project? This person will have the opportunity to work on this project for a monthly salary!

7) Once the projects get off the ground and sustain, you will be helping to elevate families out of poverty and into productive, self-sufficient, and responsible families, as well as changing their mindsets from victims to makers of their own lives


How will Al-Quds masterpiece affect young college students' life?

Al-Quds represents every determined college student who wants to better change his/her life. Small projects will allow her/him to fly into their dreams, or their dreams may change and the micro-project will become the dream. Who knows?

Here's the thing: every dream begins with a visual image and the consistency and persistence with which it is worked on allow it to become a reality.
Nothing is impossible in life.

MyLB will fund small projects ranging from $500 to $3000 for new ideas, and to help students get on track and work on their ideas, MyLB will hold life coaching training and has partnered with the B-HuB to provide comprehensive and integrated support from idea generation to the project's ability to generate money via mentoring, training, and workshops. 

 Read more about our social commitment 


When you buy the Al-Quds Masterpiece 

You'll be our honored guest at the launch if you live nearby, or you can watch it on a live stream if you're far away.

You'll be able to see how each beneficiary's life has changed, as well as the lives of other students who might benefit from the project as assistants. 

You will receive a newsletter via email, and you can also follow MyLB's blog on the brand's main website. 


Dimensions;  27*27*3 cm / 10.6*10.6*1 inch

Dedication Board Dimensions; 12*7 cm / 4.72* 2.75 inch 

Dimensional weight ; 2500 g / 5.51 pounds

It's worth $250. Free Expedited Shipping 


You can order it with the written dedication "from Palestine to all Palestinians around the World", in Arabic as shown in the image above, which says; 

My Dear Children, 

My Quds and My Olives are now in your hands, get up and fulfill your dreams. Be the hope, the dream, and the inspiration for the entire world.

So that I can live, you must be the life. 


or you can write whatever you want in any language, a thank you phrase or a motivational phrase, or whatever you see fit.

Yes I definitely want to buy the art piece

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Please allow a week time to get your masterpiece ready and shipped to your destination.



Exclusively Made for MyLB Speaks Palestinian. Made in Palestine  

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