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Short Description

Generally, the name "Wijdan" expresses our feelings as Palestinians: passion, love, and a sense of optimism. 

Wijdan is the Beauty in and out.

Heavy Duty 100% Cotton Fabric

Hand outstanding embroidery Pattern of beautiful colors

Medium size Shoulder Bag/ Cross Body Bag/ Handbag

 25*25*5.5 cm / 9.8*9.8*2.1 inch

Main compartment with an interior zipper pocket. On the other wall, there are two interior pockets; one for document/ cellular/ Checkbook, the other is a 3-card Slots pocket.

A perfect choice for elegant women who seeks to add a different touch of beauty to their outfit, feel energetic to start a new lovely day with enthusiasm and high spirit.

The bag is lined with a matching color of soft Chamois Fabric, the same for the bag strap.

20 Wijdan bags, every bag is unique.

17 empowered hard-working craftswomen/men managed to get Wijdan Bags ready for you to use, 85% of them are women working from home. Each Wijdan takes 5 hrs to get the embroidery work done.

Wijdan Dimensions:  25*25*5.5 cm / 9.8*9.8*2.1 inch

Full Description

Have you ever met someone for whom you felt so compassionate that you wanted to assist them out of their problem, only to find yourself the one guilty?

The most recent slap in the face from the Universe I got was one of the most valuable lessons in learning the skill of shifting oneself from the extremes of giving and caring to the middle way between giving and carelessness.

Giving someone to the point that you keep thinking about them, their difficulties, their situations, and feel their sentiments is too dangerous on the one hand because you'll be unconsciously acting on their low level of frequency, which will undoubtedly bring negative results to your life.  Those persons, on the other hand, will become extremely proficient at simply taking and receiving, consider this as their right in life, and will regard you as the person who MUST give, and when you stop giving or change your mind, you will be blamed for everything and accused!

We can sometimes handle such reactions from family, spouses, close friends, and so on, and we can recapture our compass...However, if it comes from someone you've just known for a few months, you might want to consider having them out of your life for good! 

*Balance in your life makes you feel like you're flying like a butterfly, safe and powerful.
Widjan bag will provide you a touch of style when carrying a catching colored light bag during a hectic day. Wijdan is so your perfect choice…catches the eyes whether your going out for work, college, traveling. The newly shoulder bag medium size from MyLB is just amazing; very elegant, nice colors, enough capacity for holding stuff you need on that day, a place for your cash, credit card slots, another wall pocket for your mobile, you have a space for your memoir/ notebook, makeup necessities and more.

*Beautiful Colored Embroidery Women’s/ Young Ladies/ College Shoulder Bag Hand Embroidery Tote throughout the whole Day.

*100% Cotton fabric, durable, heavy-duty, high quality. it features the same weave of the cross-stitch fabric we use for embroidery stuff, a bit harder. Amazingly finished

*Hand Cross Stitch Embroidery using Durable Colors 100% Silk String DMC/VOG on the front side of the bag and strap

*Bag is lined with a matching color of soft Chamois Fabric, same for the shoulder strap. All interior wall pockets are of the same lining fabric

* High-Quality Buckles.

*Shoulder Bag with top clip closure for security,

*One large main compartment. One interior zipper pocket, two interior wall pockets; a Document/ Phone, and a 3-card slot pocket.

*Adjustable Hand embroidery Strap lined with chamois.

Wijdan Dimensions:  25*25*5.5 cm / 9.8*9.8*2.1 inch

Strap Dimensions: 126*2 cm / 49*0.7 inch

Package Dimensional Weight: 1.6 Kg/ 3.5 lbs


In Case of Dirt

Dry Clean, however, it is recommended to wipe it using a wet cloth in cold water with liquid detergent if needed, rub it gently & let it dry. 

Please avoid excessive exposure to sunlight to keep its colors in their fresh look

Note: Due to the difference between different monitors, the actual colors may slightly vary from the pictures of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures. Thank you!

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