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Short Description

The Palestinian woman through ages embroidered her dress ( Thob) with her hands and sewed the most beautiful flowers, birds, and beliefs using silk. With every cross-stitch, she puts her essence of creativity, patience, and part of her soul. These drawings are called veins ...

100% Cotton hand towels and 100% wool Basket (Crochet)

Hand Embroidery using Silk thread 100% Durable colors (all colors had been tested on cotton cloth tester before)

Handmade basket of wool

Each set of Erec presents a unique pattern of embroidery inspired by Palestinian heritage for thousands of years.

Embroidery Towels and basket are perfectly finished.

Each towel takes around 3-4hrs of hand embroidery based on the size of the pattern, considering the delicacy of cotton to avoid any damage while using the embroidery needle. The basket needs 7 work hrs to be prepared.

4Women working from their houses took part in making One Erec Piece ( 6 towels & basket)

17 women worked on having Erec Sets 4 & 6 ready, they mostly live in villages in the south of Palestine.   

Luxurious Set for home use; dining table/ bathroom, luxurious Hotel Bathrooms/ Restaurant, Spa, , etc... 

Towels Size: 30*30cm / 11.8*11.8 inch

Basket Dimensions: 23*17*9 cm / 9*6.6*3.5 inch

Full Description

Beautiful Colored Table Cloth/ Bath Hand Towels Hand Embroidery Handmade Crochet Basket Set of 6- Hand Towels Home Bathroom

Set of 6 towels with their basket

Table Cloths/ Bath Towels are 100% Cotton.

The Basket is handmade of Crochet “wool”

Hand Embroidery, durable colors 100% silk String ( DMC/VOG), unless being excessively exposed to sunlight.. All colored threads had been tested to ensure its relevance for cotton

Soft Embroidery Towels add another luxurious experience at Home, Hotel, Spa, Gym, Restaurant

Towels Size: 30*30cm / 11.8*11.8 inch

Basket Dimensions: 23*17*9 cm / 9*6.6*3.5 inch

Package Dimensions: 38*24*9 cm / 14.9*9.4*3.5 inch

Dimensional Weight: 1.4 kg / 3.08 lb


Washing Directions:

Basket- washing machine/ hand wash

Towels- washing machine using cold water, It’s recommended that you kindly make sure to have them in, with no other colored cloths, except white! Though, it’s preferable to softly wash them for 15 minutes @ 30c to save their shelf life as long as possible. Hand wash is also safe.


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